Deepak Goel

Dr. Deepak Goyal

Additional Director
Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Fortis Group of Hospitals (Gurgaon & Noida)

Dr. Deepak Goyal is a renowned Paediatric Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist with extensive experience in managing all kinds of complicated Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Liver Transplant cases.


MBBS, MD, MRCPCH -I & PD aCC (Pediatric Gastroenterology)

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Mothers Connect

Mothers Connect is an initiative, a specially designed program by Dr. Deepak Goyal that aims to empower mothers with the knowledge to play an even more active and educated role in their child’s health and well-being. The initiative’s core objective is to reduce the anxiety and the fears Mothers have regarding their child’s nutrition that might lead to various gastro-intestinal issues. It is a program that will partner with mothers to help them understand and address their child’s gastro issues.

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Glycogen Storage Disease
Glycogen Storage Disease

We recently encountered a 4-year-old boy with massive hepatomegaly (soft in consistency) and altered liver enzymes (SGOT/SGPT). Liver biopsy was suggestive of Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) with minimal fibrosis. Genetic test showed mutation in gene...

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Crohns Disease in children
Crohns Disease in children

A 5-year-old boy came to us with history of chronic diarrhea for last one year. Diarrhea was small bowel type. There was associated anemia, zinc deficiency (acrodermatitis enteropathica) and failure to thrive. His appetite was moderate. He had receiv...

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Foreign Body GI Tract
Foreign Body GI Tract

2.5 year old boy came to emergency with h/o foreign body (disk battery from a tv remote) ingestion. Luckily the boy told the parents about the incidence. They brought him straight to BLK emergency. X ray confirmed the presence of disk battery in stom...

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